Mark Dunkelman
Mark H. Dunkelman is a Civil War historian, writer, musician, and artist. His books include The Hardtack Regiment, Gettysburg’s Unknown Soldier, Brothers One and All, and War’s Relentless Hand. He has also published dozens of articles in popular and scholarly magazines and journals. His work centers on the 154th New York Volunteer Infantry, the regiment his great-grandfather served in during the Civil War. Dunkelman’s interest in the 154th New York has drawn him many times since childhood to Coster Avenue in Gettysburg, site of the regiment’s fight at John Kuhn’s brickyard on the afternoon of July 1, 1863. During a visit in the 1970s, he saw a concrete-block wall under construction ten feet behind the regiment’s monument at Coster Avenue. He determined to cover the wall with a mural depicting the battle action that had occurred on the spot in 1863. After receiving permission to proceed from the owner of the building, Dunkelman developed a scaled sketch that met with the approval of experts on the battle. He painted the final mural with fellow artist Johan Bjurman. It was installed and dedicated in 1988, on the 125th anniversary of the battle. Dunkelman and Bjurman restored the mural in 2001.

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