Gary Casteel
Nationally recognized sculptor and painter Gary Casteel, born in the hills of West Virginia, has always been fascinated with history and art.  In the fourth grade, after seeing a picture of Michelangelo’s David, Mr. Casteel knew that sculpting was the profession he wished to follow.  From the start, he recognized that raw talent was not enough to succeed.  Mr. Casteel, while living and working in the United States and abroad, searched for professional sculptors in order to enhance his abilities by apprenticing under the masters.

After entering the national sculpting arena, Mr. Casteel found that his keen sense of history, talent, and drive for producing pieces in his personal dynamic style would thrust him into the demanding light of success with the Gen. James Longstreet equestrian erected in Gettysburg National Military Park.  Since then, Mr. Casteel’s work has become highly regarded and requested by the National Park Service, state and local governments, corporations and private enterprises.

Mr. Casteel was honored in 2000 by the National Civil War Memorial Commission with an invitation to design and sculpt a fitting memorial to honor those events and individuals, civilian and military, during the War Between the States.  Mr. Casteel is currently working with a board of nationally recognized historians in determining the overall design content.

Mr. Casteel continues to receive commissions and strives toward maintaining and preserving the American past in sculpture.  Mr. Casteel currently lives in Lexington, Virginia, the heart of the Shenandoah Valley, with his wife, Leslie, their daughter, Lydia Mae, and a Rockbridge Terrier named Buckwheat.

The commissioning of sculptural work, whether it’s a monument, memorial, fund raising item or individual fine art piece, should be a labor of love and dedication with an experience to be remembered throughout a life time.

With decades of sculpting experience, working with small and large groups as well as individuals, Mr. Casteel works closely with those involved in reaching the artistic excellence expected of a professional.  Mr. Casteel seeks private commissions and invites you to contact the studio concerning your artistic needs.

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