Giclée Printing

About the Giclée Printmaking Process
The French word “Giclée” (pronounced zhee-clay) translates in English to “spraying of ink”. Giclée prints are high-resolution digital reproductions of original artwork using sophisticated printers that spray tiny droplets of ink onto media such as watercolor papers, canvas and other substrates. The Giclée process provides better color accuracy than any other means of reproduction. Done properly, and with the use of our archival paper and fade resistant inks Giclée prints are hard to distinguish from original artwork. Highly collectable, Giclée prints are an established medium in the fine arts community and are well accepted in museums and galleries around the world.

Valley Arts Publishing can provide all the necessary services that you require to bring your original art to life as a beautiful, vibrant Giclée print. And since there is never a minimum print run requirement, limited edition reproductions are easily within the financial reach of every artist.

Step 1
To achieve optimal results in the process you will need a direct digital capture of your work.

Step 2
We then scan your art into our computer system, color correct it as necessary and provide an artist proof for your approval.

Step 3
Upon receipt of the approved proof, we reproduce the final image to your specific size requirements. This final proof is held at Valley Arts Publishing as a reference proof for all future orders. The combination of specialty inks and stocks creates prints of museum quality and durability.

If you are interested in having Valley Arts Publishing produce prints of your artwork, please contact us.

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